Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Sunny and Windy Day

It’s Thursday morning, there is no class as I declared it a Holiday. After all, it is a school midterm holiday. Why have to drill your primary school kids to such an extent that they don’t even have their own rooms?
I remember when I was at their age, I really don’t have many activities like what they have now but I did have a lot of fun that these days kids could not enjoy.
I went for basketball playing in the evening, swimming in the nearby river in the dark after we were done, without fear of croc or any other water creatures. Tracking into the woods and searching for unknown mystery, without the fear of getting loss. Life was amazing then!
Nowadays, kids in cities are caught up with things that they don’t even enjoy a lot as they under peer pressure or parental pressure or may be societal pressures. They are being trap into it. By the time they realized, may be it could be too late, as time will not come twice in life.
So, do what you would like to do and enjoy you stay in this planet while you can and don’t get trap down by the so called trends, or styles. You may chase for an unknown which you belief that is a known. This is could be an ultimate tragedy in life.
So, young folks, walk up and stay tune and live your life fruitfully.


Blog Joker said...

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Ayu said...

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