Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Out of Job?

I was wondering how many of you are out of job due to current global economic melt down as led by US sub prime mortgage crisis?

Just to console you a bit, don't worry too much as I know a guy who has his cheese being removed in mid 2003 and still moving on pretty strongly and now are running his own empire.

So, friends, don't get over sorrow with the fact that you got yourself a pink form as this is not the end of the world.

Although it is painful to have such a shitting experience in life, life should not just stop there, always feel that this cold be a chance for you to reposition yourself differently in this complex environment and give yourself a chance of fresh start.

Age should not be an excusing factor but it is your heart that matter. Sit back and relax a bit and figure out what have you left out in life because you have been working like a bull over these years, it is time to recoup some of the losses and joy again.

If you need to shout, just shout loudly, If you need to cry, just cry freely. After the catastrophe, you will feel better!

So, friends, even MBA is out of job and continue to develop a solid progress, I think you can also do it as well!

God bless you all.

(I wrote this because an MBA friend just shield some lights to me and I feel it would be nice to put it on my blog! So, kiss me, hug me where you are around, do it moderately, NOT excessively!)

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