Thursday, April 29, 2010

Seen this, grab it, peel it and taste it, U will love it

What do you think?

Have ever seen this picture before, 2 men are working together to pluck rambutans from the farm.

May be you know what rambutan is, may be you don’t, or may be you have eaten one before. Anyway, it’s good okay if you know, it will be better that you have tasted one, but, if even if you haven’t, it’s okay as I might be able to describe it to you, it’s a type tropical fruit bear on the rambutan fruit trees. It’s pretty hairy and when it is ripe, the hair and the skin are normally red or yellow in color depending on the species and the fresh is pretty juicy and tasty.

However, if you keen to know more about it, you basically to do some more searches from the internet.

Now, it is not the rambutan that I want to tell but instead the two brothers that I am more concerned on.

Of the two brothers, one of them knows how to climb the tree and the other can’t. So, is it the one who knows how to climb will go up the tree and starts plucking and throwing them down to the one who is under the tree that have to catch it properly? Otherwise, rambutans will be detached from the stem and they can’t bundle them together for sale, normally 15 to 20 rambutans per bundle.

Now, I would like to know from the public, which one do you think is more important, the one up in the tree, or the one under the tree, or otherwise?

Feel free to post you comment as your valuable input will definitely sharpen our mindset in seeing things that we use to believe in,…

Changing the ways we interpret things might enable us to face the new waves more confidently.

And enjoy the fresh, beware of the seeds inside as shown below! These fruits are mainly grown

in the Tropical Zone and if you are visiting this region next round, don't forget to go and get one and taste it yourself.

Try to talk to the old man seller, you might some surprises too on his wisdom!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Peace of Mind

Koh Samui Sunset

Saturday, October 10, 2009

She is Pretty

Got the Look.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lighting Tips For Your Home

Choosing the proper lighting that both accents your home as well as keeps it well lit throughout the night is very important for any responsible home-owner toady. For this reason, many home-owners will spend a lot of time searching for that perfect lighting for their home. Of course finding the right lighting for your home is not an easy task or otherwise everybody would just go out to the local hardware supply store and pick up whatever was available. When it comes to your home’s outdoor lighting, what exactly you are looking for and what is the budget.

These are the things you must ask yourself before searching. It all comes down to your particular budget and how much money you are willing to spend as well as what you are looking for when it comes to choosing the proper lighting for your home. Once you know how much you are willing to spend and what exactly you are in search of, finding that perfect lighting fixture will be a much easier task.

There are just way too many choices to choose from when it comes to finding the proper lighting for your home. These include things like the different types of light bulbs that can range from LEDs to Xenon bulbs. It can also include things from wired to battery power and even solar powered lighting fixtures depending on the type of light and the amount of light that you are in need of in order to keep your home well lit and secure.

Remember that if you want to make a house truly a home, you have to make sure that everything that is in your house as well as outside your house reflects your personal style and preferences. Hence, it is very important that you choose and select the correct lightings to truly reflects your image to the community at large, so select wisely!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ever Bought A House or Planning to Buy One?

Journey to Owning My First House
Have you thought of owning a house when you were in the mid twenties, right after you have graduated from college or university? As for me, I have been dreaming of having one when I finished my high school study. However, dream still remains as dream as a dream as the price of a house is always way too much for me to look at as compare to my little income that I earn when I was a bank clerk.
Deep in my heart, I was wondering how can I manage to own my first unit and I keep telling me myself that the only way is to continue my study overseas and I couldn’t manage to enter into local universities due to quotas and other hidden factors. This is because I know for sure that after getting a degree, the take home amount is almost two to three times the amount that I am getting as a clerk. As I have no support from other means so I have to figure out a way where I could optimize my attempts to accomplish the goal. I.e. work and save and plan to continue study after three or four years.

To be continued…..

Sunday, August 30, 2009

How to find the best keywords for your campaign

When you decide to start a new SEO campaign it is very important to
know from where to begin. This guide will tell you how to find the best
keywords after you decided on the products you’ll promote. To understand
all the things you’ll read here it is very important to read the “SEO GUIDE”
also present in this section.
To find the best keywords is the most important step if you are serious
in making money with Crocmint. That is why we will try to segregate the
information for you and to make it much easier to understand. We will start
by explaining some of the terms we will use in the next lines.
1. Keywords: those terms on which you’ll focus to promote a
product. These keywords must be specific and targeted on the
product you’ll choose.
2. Competition analysis: this is a complex process which is used to
identify good ways to make money by using the best techniques
from the ones who are already making good money.

3. SEO tools: these are different kind of programs and resources
which are very useful because you’ll be able to have an easy
work once you’ll have to find the best keywords.
The steps you need to make for effective results:
1. Make an idea about the product: You can’t find any keyword you
don’t know anything about that product. In the article area you’ll find
all you need about each product and the sexual issue it can cure. Read
carefully what our content writers and doctors have written there.
2. Find the basic keywords: In the articles provided you’ll be able to see
the basic keywords like: “penis enlargement pills” for NeosizeXL or
“anti impotence pills” for VigaPlus or Caliplus. From those basic
keywords you’ll be able to generate hundred of other good keywords
in less than 1 hour if you’ll follow the correct steps.
3. Combine the keywords for a better density: In our SEO GUIDE we
explained that keywords density is pretty important because the
Google spiders will position your website by judging these criteria
also near others (backlinks, unique content, etc). We must combine
the keywords in the Meta tags and also in the body of the page for

more details you can read our guide which is about “How to write
effective content”
4. Read carefully our guide “How to design a money making webpage”
because there you’ll find very good tips about how to organize your
unique text and why it is important to do that. Sometimes the
difference between an affiliate who earns 300$ and another one who
earns 1300$ is what we call conversion rate. The conversion rate is
strictly related to how you put the text on the page.
What do you need to find the best keywords for your
The answer is called by the experts “the 2P” which means: Patience
and Practice. You won’t be able to get the best results after just one
research so get used to the idea that your first website will earn less
money than your 3rd and after finished the first one to continue
research and build new project.
The first step: After you decide on the project you will promote and
learn some things about it you can move on and start a research for the
best keywords. Google will help you a lot. Let’s say you decide to
promote NeosizeXL which is a penis enlargement formula. Type
“penis enlargement pills” in the Google search bar and press enter.
You have in front of your eyes the most powerful ten competitors for
that keyword. Visit the first 15-20 results you found for “penis
enlargement pills” and take a look at their source. You can view their
source if you go to the top of the page click VIEW and after that
SOURCE. Their keywords are at the beginning of the page after signs
like . Copy the other keywords they have and do that for
all the next15-20 websites.
After you finished that, you have probably a nice list of keywords but
that is not enough. For the best results you need to choose between
50-60 keywords. To have that number use the keywords you already
have and repeat the action you already know. If the list is big enough
let’s move to step 2.
The second step: The keywords you found are for sure great but some
niches are saturated or your competitors are too strong (It is hard to
step over a guy who is promoting NeoSizeXL for 4 years if you start
today). You need a tool also to find out how searched is one keywords
because you can be the first one if you have 50,000 competitors but if
there are no searches it is useless.
Here are a few tools which will help you to find the best keywords:
Here are a few tools which will help you to find how old your
competitors’ websites are (remember that older sites are considered by
Google better than new ones):
Put on paper the number of searches and try to find the number of
competitors. Keywords which have more than 1.2-1.5 million results
are considered heavy niches for a newbie that is why you should avoid
it. In time you can add those keywords and we sure are you will be
able to have good positions for those ones also.
Choose 5 to 10 keywords after you compare the number of searches
and competitors and use those in your Meta tags and the body of your

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Sunny and Windy Day

It’s Thursday morning, there is no class as I declared it a Holiday. After all, it is a school midterm holiday. Why have to drill your primary school kids to such an extent that they don’t even have their own rooms?
I remember when I was at their age, I really don’t have many activities like what they have now but I did have a lot of fun that these days kids could not enjoy.
I went for basketball playing in the evening, swimming in the nearby river in the dark after we were done, without fear of croc or any other water creatures. Tracking into the woods and searching for unknown mystery, without the fear of getting loss. Life was amazing then!
Nowadays, kids in cities are caught up with things that they don’t even enjoy a lot as they under peer pressure or parental pressure or may be societal pressures. They are being trap into it. By the time they realized, may be it could be too late, as time will not come twice in life.
So, do what you would like to do and enjoy you stay in this planet while you can and don’t get trap down by the so called trends, or styles. You may chase for an unknown which you belief that is a known. This is could be an ultimate tragedy in life.
So, young folks, walk up and stay tune and live your life fruitfully.