Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Early Retirement/Semi-Retirement – Planning is Essential

Early Retirement/Semi-Retirement – Planning is Essential.
Starting from mid 2007, I have been exposing myself into internet stuff, particularly in social networking communities through a distance friend though I have been using internet facilities since 2002.
Owing to my tight schedule, I never have much time left for IT stuff till I gone semi retirement in the early mids. Early retirement is always a dream to me but semi retirement is something that is a reality as I am living it now.
When people are still having a rat race, I am out of the chase right now not because I have make tons of fortune in the corporate but because my mindset have change lately.
Money can buy you a good bed but not a sound sleep though,
Money can get you good food but not a good health too.
So, at the end of the day, what are you chasing after in your life, good stuff, good health, good fortune,,,, NOW, what is your definition of GOOD?
Hence, a change of mindset is pretty essential to see a change in the directions of your doings.
Right now, I spend quite a bit of time in managing a tuition school and at the same time surfing on the internet to figure out ways to gain some extra pipelines.
You may ask me how much have I found and I would like to sincerely tell you that I got none though there seem to be lot are going.
Social Networking Communities, PTCs, HYIP and online trading, just to name a few, are some of the areas that I have been expose to over the past two years plus and the result is highly amazing….i.e.NOT MUCH!
So, some might ask me why I still hang around, the only answer that I can give is that I am interest in this and besides, I on semi retirement already, at the mids…

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