Monday, September 22, 2008

Almost Month End - Where are we?

Today is pretty sunny and I just drove across the river to pick up some stuff.

It's so quiet on the street nowadays after the fuel hike whereby almost every body is trying to trim down the expenditures.

For the past few months, price have gone up so fast and inflationary pressure is just something that everyone can't avoid, except the wealthy ones.

After picking up my boy from school, I am back in front of the screen again and waiting for clients to ring as every ring meant something.

Things have been fluctuating quite a bit lately and some make it and some get caught.

For those who make it, a big congratulation and for those who get caught, they are waiting for the chance to untie the knots. It's pretty sad anyway.

Well, that's always the bit and puzzle of life!

We can never strike for the perfect and with clear vision, we are bound to be able to move somehow and some what along the way.

Cheers, my friends

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