Saturday, November 15, 2008

Clear Sunday

It is Sunday morning and I am listening to piano.
I love to listen piano though I am not good in playing it. In fact, I just don’t know how to play besides knowing how to press the keyboard.
Music is lovely as it is very soothing and inspiring especially those with light sentiments.
Nowadays, things seem to be very quiet and people moving pretty slowly. I am not sure whether it is because of gloomy economy or otherwise.
However, no matter how things turn, it will turn back up again as the globe is round and what goes around turn around.
There are times when to wind, when to rain, when the sun rise and set and when your love one comes to knock on your heart.
Life is not meant for worry though we always worry for many things in life.
For example, for school, for work, for kids, for family, for career, for tasks we need to take and not to take. When one starts worrying, it is almost time that one end up in worrying life and eventually cultivate a habit of worrying.
Thus, before worrying for too many things, take tasks one by one and resolve it incrementally and at the end of the day, you might realize that you have in fact progress so far, so much.
Look unto no others but ourselves to tackle problems as we move along, it is the ultimate tragedy that one lost his/her faith as no one could do any better than you yourself.
It is good to have assistance along the way for what we encountered (this could be some kind luxury to many), but these are external help and what is more important is on internal strength. Just like when one is drowning and someone is throwing him/her a life jacket and he/she don’t belief that he/she can get it, then, that person might end up sleeping in the river bed.
One needs to blend the two and work out a workable solution to face current uncertainty to turn around. Holding on the belief that yes, we can and truly, we are!
May god bless his words and citizens of the planet earth!

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