Monday, September 1, 2008

A Good Day - it's coming to me!

It's a holiday for me over here and I really love it today as it all began with a beautiful sun shine morning when I woke up, though the land is still a bit wet due to late last night drizzling.

There is no market to watch today but as usual, I turn on my notebook and start checking on US Friday's closing. This has been my routine for my past years after I switched to obtain my trading license for some good reasons.

It's always been painful for a start as I have to figure out how am I going to cope with it as I never believe it was true in the first place and I didn't have any experience to deal with it. Life sometimes is tough as it sometimes ill treated most of us living on this planet earth. Don't you think so?

I was a non believer once though as I did my job well and effectively as no one has told me that I did something seriously wrong or not in accordance to the top's wish. In fact, I was a near perfect follower once.

However, nothing is so sweet in this world and it seems to me now that everything is so dynamic, even sometimes you did nothing wrong, you may be out of the game too without your notice. By the time you realized it, it would be too late already.

I know it is harsh but it's fact of life.

From there, I learn to overcome my fear and I learn to maneuver myself into a new journey. The adjustment process has been lengthy especially when I am in the midst of clearing up my mortgage loan and hire purchase loan.

Being financially free has not only been my dream but also my ultimate goal in my life too. In fact, this is the main motivating factors that pushing me to take up challenge to further my study to the land where I never been.

Facing with financial constraint, I didn't go with joy but rather with fear and uncertainty. But with persistency and consistency, I finally managed to worked my way through in the shortest possible time with least investment amount in taking up the study.

It sounds a bit impossible and amazing to many but I was so happy that I made it. It was 13 years ago.

Today, I am happy too not because it is a rainy day nor it is a holiday.
Today, I am happy because I have achieved another major goal in life - IE. achieved Financially Free and Debts Free status in my life.

I never thought this is possible when I graduated from high school, but now, it is a dream come true.

I believe I deserved to be joyful now with my family and continued to be happy with them and my friends as life is supposed to be meaningful.

Never let the negativity and pessimism ruin or even rule your life, stand up and face it and in times, you will find yourself in one piece and are on the way to realize your dreams.

I don't how true it is to many but I am sure it's very very true to me.

I am glad I made it through and I am still young to accomplish more in life, together with my family and friends. The journey would be very amazing and fruitful.

It's getting dark now and it's going to rain again outside. I looked up into the sky, only the stars are smiling to me though the moon is shying away. However, I still feel warm inside and have faith in life.

Good night to all.

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