Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ever Bought A House or Planning to Buy One?

Journey to Owning My First House
Have you thought of owning a house when you were in the mid twenties, right after you have graduated from college or university? As for me, I have been dreaming of having one when I finished my high school study. However, dream still remains as dream as a dream as the price of a house is always way too much for me to look at as compare to my little income that I earn when I was a bank clerk.
Deep in my heart, I was wondering how can I manage to own my first unit and I keep telling me myself that the only way is to continue my study overseas and I couldn’t manage to enter into local universities due to quotas and other hidden factors. This is because I know for sure that after getting a degree, the take home amount is almost two to three times the amount that I am getting as a clerk. As I have no support from other means so I have to figure out a way where I could optimize my attempts to accomplish the goal. I.e. work and save and plan to continue study after three or four years.

To be continued…..


Rose Belle said...

I thought about buying a house after I graduated from college. At the time, the real estate market was hot. That was back in early 2000. It was crazy and impossible to buy because everyone was over bidding by $100,000. Luckily for me, my family helped me with the down payment. I bought my house over priced and now the value of, like many homes out there, is undervalued. I'm not worried about that, I know home value will go back up. Real estate is a good investment.

billy the idol said...

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