Friday, June 19, 2009

Where do I go from here?

Where do I go from here?
Have you ever asked this question to yourself? Or have you heard anyone who asked this question or you already know where you are heading already!
This question pops up in my mind six years ago when I lost my full time job and ever since I have been trying to get back to the old track as my head keeps telling to do so as I have been doing it for the past almost 7 seven years after I finish my graduate study in USA.
However, things doesn’t seem to come in the right way though I have been putting in a lot of effort to try to clear out the mess though the mess was not my fault in the first place. I should have blamed the HR guy for misleading the whole scenario and I also blame on my self in taking his instruction so seriously. I should have given it second or third thoughts before I decide. May be I respect that fellow too much and hence I almost lost my dignity.
I thought of getting back to the tack but I failed one after another and to my surprise, I was not know why and was just told to quit as I am not fit for the job. This sounds like a bunch of shit as I am a normal person. I felt so hatred as I lost my direction.
What the H/F in this world that your life just get screwed every now and then. Slowly, I learn to withdraw and I am not going to face all this kind of stupid pursues.
It’s almost seven years now and I still have not fully given up my hatred as the opportunity cost is damned high to ignore. I was asking to myself why I am being treated that way and there is no answer to me t all and my life goes on.
Not going for a much better nor going for brutal worse but I have been stagnating for the past 6 years.
So, I am asking now what should I do for now and where should I head from here? Time is running out as I am no longer twenties neither am I thirties, I almost past the line to fall into the other category where people are looking up for the sexy, maturity and security.
Life seems to be a continuous searching journey until the end of the day.


Anonymous said...

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here and now
here and now

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